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Dear TOA Member,

The Texas Orthopaedic Association (TOA) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Healthgrades to provide you with the resources to optimize your profile on Healthgrades - the most utilized online physician rating tool. We encourage you to take advantage of these simple tools to enhance your online profile. 

Following primary care, orthopaedic surgery is the most searched medical specialty on Healthgrades. Orthopaedics experienced more than 19 million profile views on last year, and Texas orthopaedic surgeons have received over 2.3 million or 12% of these visits during the last 12 months.

More information about how you can enhance your Healthgrades profile can be found below.

It's important that your profile accurately represents the conditions that you treat and the procedures you perform.

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Look for new items with the orange icon

Verification Needed 
New conditions or procedures added to your profile in 2015 have an orange "new" icon next to them for easy identification. Add additional conditions and procedures by selecting "see related" for more options.

While logged into your profile:

  • Make sure your contact information is accurate
  • Personalize with a photo - Instantly increase interest in your Healthgrades profile. Patients are twice as likely to view your profile with a professional portrait.
  • Engage with personal comments - New patients want to know more about you and your practice. View infosheet (PDF) to help you get started.
  • Additional Patient Toolkit Coming Soon - In the next few weeks, TOA will send you an entire patient satisfaction toolkit to enhance your Healthgrades profile.  The tools will include cards to hand to patients, information about how to add star ratings and the survey for the website, and how to create a link to embed into your post-appointment e-mails for patients that will allow them to grade their experience.

TOA Members will receive a special TOA designation on their Healthgrades profile. For questions, contact TOA at 512.370.1505 or via email

Need help accessing or editing your free profile? Contact Healthgrades through an online feedback form or chat online when you register or login to your Healthgrades account