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TOPAC: Our Voice in the State's Political Process


TOPAC ensures that orthopaedic surgeons have a strong voice in the state's elections.  It allows orthopaedic surgeons to tell our story to political candidates about the impact of policy issues on care or Texas patients.  Without TOPAC, our opponents would take advantage of our absence and define musculoskeletal issues by using their own terms. 


Please join us today by supporting TOPAC by check or credit card.  Please note that TOPAC can not accept corporate donations - only contributions from individuals or unincorporated partnerships (no "inc." after the name).


Please make checks out to "TOPAC" and mail to:


Texas Orthopaedic PAC

401 W. 15th | Suite 820

Austin, Texas 78701


To donate by credit card please click here.

Luis H. Urrea, II, MD
El Paso

TOPAC Treasurer


John W. Hinchey, MD
San Antonio

TOPAC Board Member


Scott E. Hecox, MD

TOPAC Board Member


Thank You to out 2017 $500+ TOPAC Contributors!

Bruce A. Bollinger, MD John W. Hinchey, MD John A. Ribeiro, MD
Adam Bruggeman, MD Farbod Malek, MD R. Mills Roberts, MD
Jose R. Carreras, MD Richard F. McKay, MD William E Schreiber, MD
Stephen C. Drukker, MD James B. Montgomery, MD Eric E. Sides, MD
John S. Early, MD Steven E. Nolan, MD Robert E. Urrea, MD
Douglas R. Elenz, MD John A. Racanelli, MD Robert E. Wolf, MD
Gerald Q. Greenfield, MD Karl E. Rathjen, MD Mark W. Woolf, MD


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